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Battery Discharge Tester 132V – 200A


Uninterrupted power supply is the basic protection for running all the equipment and network systems of constantly improved Informa ionization and automation. Whether it is AC or DC uninterrupted power supply system, battery as a backup power supply in the system plays an extremely important role. At ordinary times, battery is in the floating charge standby state, but once the AC power blacks out or other accidents occur, the battery will become the only power supply of the load. It is known that battery has normal service life cycle, but it often has premature function failure due to such quality problems as material defect, structure defect or process defect, or improper use, etc. To test the standby duration and actual capacity of battery group and to ensure the normal system operation, the checking discharge test is conducted on the battery group on a regular basis or as needed according to the maintenance procedures of the power supply system, so that individual cell that has or is close to function failure can be detected in an early stage for replacement, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of the whole battery group, or the expected life of the battery group is evaluated.

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  • PTC ceramic resistor is used to avoid red heat for a safer discharge process.
  • Multi-functions such as capacity test, stop discharge, parallel operation, on-line compensating discharge for complex site test.
  • PC software in upper computer can record and analyze the total voltage, discharge current, each cell voltage and other data, and generate the data reports accordingly, to visually show the battery group performance curve, graph, report, etc. and for printing and check.
  • USB interface of the tester can store the data of the discharge process into the USB flash drive, which then is imported into PC. The PC data management software can analyze the battery discharge process and generate corresponding data reports, further facilitating the data transfer and storage.
  • Intelligent SCM ARM control, 7-inch 1024*600 HD LCD display, capacitive touch control operation, built-in Chinese-English switch menu, and simple and clear menu operation.
  • Automatic stop protection function, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, reverse wiring protection, alarm prompt on screen upon any alarm stop, and automatic switch-off of the air circuit breaker.
  • Several discharges stop condition include battery string stop voltage, discharge capacity, discharge time to ensure safe discharge.
  • Online compensated charging/discharging can be carried out, and the discharge test can be carried out on the online working battery through an externally connected current clamp sensor, which greatly facilitates the testing work. This feature is especially suitable for applications where there is only a single set of backup batteries.



The warranty applies to the original purchaser that the equipment will be free of any defect in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The warranties only cover defects arising under normal use and regular service, excluding any faults and damages resulting from abuse misuse, alteration, improper installation, neglect or adverse environmental condition, not from quality problem. Any faults of products you may be asked to take some time on the phone or by e-mail with our technical engineer. First you can submit an application, explain and description the issues, then our engineer will offer remote assistance. If this issue could be solved, we will authorize you to return the equipment to us after communicating. Equipment mush be packed in original packaging and all shipped items must be prepaid and insured.


  • The instrument must be used by qualified people strictly based on this manual.
  • When plugging in and out cable, please be careful to avoid electric shock as the input and output terminals may cause discharge sparks.
  • Connect cables correctly. Connect the device with ground first and then to connect with other cables.
  • The product should not be used beyond rated parameters.
  • Please turn off power when test finished or persons left.
  • Please make sure the equipment is up before opening the box. Don’t beat equipment heavily.
  • Put the equipment in dry, clean, ventilative and no corrosive gas indoor places. Piled putting is not allowed if there is no wooden box.
  • Panel should be up in storage. Underlay moisture-proof stuff at the bottom of equipment to prevent damp.


User Manual:

Battery Discharge Tester 132V – 200A: User Manual – Click Here to Download

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