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SI HWM 738AL – Telescopic Rocker Arm Spot Welding 3.6KW


Semco SI HWM 738AL Battery spot welder – the all-new battery spot welder from Semco Infratech is the perfect piece of equipment to effectively spot weld battery packs thanks to its magnetic, moveable welding arm and large welding distance range. 738 LA featuring a clear, easy to read display screen. Our battery spot welder machine helps you to keep on track of your battery spot welding easily and to track and guide the pulse numbers and current parameters.

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About Product:

Induction to set pulse group fast. Easy to weld 0.2mm pure nickel. Superimposition pulse group. Reliable welding effect. Elegant welding spot. Welding head with magnetic and telescopic arm. Adjustable telescopic arm easily. Convenient magnetic arm. Handle Push Welding Arm. Microcomputer Controlled Spot Welding Machine. 738 AL spot welder comes with 73LA+70BN & 73LB+70BN


  • User Manual – 1,
  • Red Copper Wire – 4,
  • Hexagonal Wrench – 1,
  • Fuse Tube – 2,
  • Mini Grinder – 1,
  •  Fixture for 6 Batteries – 1,
  •  Foot Pedal Switch – 1,
  •  Nickel Strips – 100,
  •  70BN Welding Pen,
  •  738AL, 73LA+LB



User Manual:

SI HWM 738AL – Telescopic Rocker Arm Spot Welding 3.6KW: User Manual – Click Here to Download

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Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 37 × 44 × 36 cm


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