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Semco 3561-20V IR Tester


SI HP3561-20V high precision battery internal resistance tester is designed for new measurement requirements in battery industry. It is suitable for low resistance batteries, high-capacity lithium battery packs and fast product classification on production line. With the technical advantages in battery internal resistance testing for many years, HP3561 is capable of providing a high resolution of 0.01mΩ with a maximum test voltage of 20V and a minimum feedback time of 15mS. Equipped with standard features RS232 interface and HANDLER interface, with automatic battery measurement function.

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  • High-speed sampling test, minimum feedback time is 15ms, suitable for fast classification on production line
  • The highest test voltage reaches 20V, which is used for performance test of battery pack.
  • High resolution resistance and voltage.
  • Strong anti-interference ability.
  • Support U disk to export data.
  • Maximum test speed can reach 66 times / sec



  • High precision lithium battery internal resistance and voltage detection.
  • Support automatic test equipment to complete automatic detection of battery internal resistance + voltage.
  • Battery degradation status and life assessment
  • ESR test of super capacitor




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